Wednesday, 4 April 2012

 For my FIRST blog post I just want to introduce what sort of things I have planned to review. I have been wanting to start a blog for a ridiculously long time, so I’m over the moon to start this journey.
This is a blog for others but also for myself to look back on. The timing is VERY convenient, as I should be studying at the moment. So instead of studying I thought I’d start this blog shmlog.  

As well as studying at university I also work as a beauty consultant agency staff. This allows me to go behind the scenes of the skincare/beauty side. As a beauty agency staff I go around different companies(clients) and work all across London. This is amazing as I get to talk to different staff and ask what THEY use and get their feedback.
So recently I went abroad to Morocco and it was BEAUTIFUL. While on my trip abroad I found out very quickly that Moroccan pharmacies are virtually French pharmacies but with less variation in their products. So I bought more skincare than anything while abroad and as skincare freaks know in the UK we are really limited in the amount of French products available to us. I bought a ton of skincare, you could say I went SLIGHTLY mad? But the first two products I am really excited to  review (best excuse) for anyone who wants to listen to my views are :

·         - Bioderma crealine( of course):,r:6,s:0,i:78

- - Nuxe 3 Rose exfoilant:,r:2,s:0,i:72
Now I know there has been a massive hype about the Bioderma so when I saw this in the pharmacy I did a little happy dance! The last product ( NUXE) I haven’t heard a lot about this brand but when I was trying to find the best product to buy from this brand there was hardly ANY reviews on this particular one. So I’m more than excited to try them out.
ALSO... I thought it would be best and just jump straight into this blogging thang! So if your like me and are trying to find good dupes for Mac/Stigma brushes and you live in HAMMERSMITH ( London). I have the best post for YOU!
Speak to you soon!

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