Wednesday, 18 April 2012


While I'm trying out those two skincare products, I thought I'd give my two cent's worth on the applicator I have been using. Here's a few photo's I thought would be nice to share with you gals:

Now the concept of this, is a manual, cheaper version of the Clarisonic.

Advantages/Pros of this particular face brush is that its small and has soft bristles.I do like the bristles on this brush, I was actually surprised by the softness of it. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I personally feel my hands do a MUCH better job to be honest. I don't know whether its just my skin, but I think its a bit too harsh, despite the soft bristles.

During the first week I had a few breaks-outs in areas where I didn't even think would be possible( IE my temples?!?.. I know). Prior to buying this face brush I had been considering buying a Clarisonic and after all the reviews I watched on youtube I didn't think it was worth the price. While 'researching' into the Clarisonic many had stated that within the first two weeks of using the Clarisonic they had breakouts.
So when I had spots in seriously weird area's I thought it was fine. I've tried this brush with different cleansers, including cleansing milks ( as it's much more gentle on the skin) but I still feel its a bit too much for my liking. Saying that on days where I feel I need FULL exfoliation I definitely grab this brush but that's not too often( max 2 times a week!). I've learnt from experience that once/twice a week max is all my skin can handle from this brush.

Overall, I think if you  have access to  face brushes  I would definitely have a go and maybe you might have more luck with it than I did.  I also feel like if you skin feels fine while using the brush, it's a great substitute for a Clarisonic.

If you feel like you have oily skin and need to exfoliate more regularly this may again be a suitable purchase but you'll never know until you try it.

Speak to you soon!

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